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Regimental Sergeant Major Edward (Teddy) Baker, MM & bar, Belgian Croix de Guerre. 138525 RSM Baker an original 75th Battalion member left for overseas in 1916 with the rank of corporal. He was promoted sergeant and then company sergeant major while in France. At Vimy Ridge he was awarded his first Military Medal for bravery. He, "most energetically rallied his platoon while under heavy machine-gun fire and through his courage and executive ability was able to lead his men in the advance on BEER Trench." (For those of you who have had the opportunity of visiting VImy, BEER Trench was up and over the ridge on the downward slope, well behind the German front line).


His second Military Medal (denoted by the bar on the blue, white, red, Military Medal ribbon) was awarded for his bravery at the Canal de la Sensee in October 1918. There is no citation on record as was common at this late stage of the war.

Following the war, CSM Baker volunteered as many ex-75th men did, in the newly formed Toronto Scottish Regiment and was appointed Regimental Sergeant Major in 1923, a position he held until 1939. With the outbreak of World War II, RSM Baker was too old for active duty and he relinquished his position until the 2nd (Reserve) Battlalion of the regiment was raised in 1940. He once again was appointed RSM and remained as such until the 1st Battalion returned home in mid-1945 and even then he continued on until 1947, making him the longest serving RSM, (23 years) in Canadian military history. He was affectionately called, "Mr. Toronto Scottish." He was responsible for organizing the Sergeants' Association within the regiment and many times throughout the year he would visit 75th veterans at Sunnybrook Hospital. At Christmas he would bring gifts for his boys in the old 75th.

photo 1 -- RSM Baker wearing his Hodden Grey patrols and distinct diced glengarry of the TSR

photo 2 -- his medals consist of: Military Medal and bar, British War Medal, Allied Victory Medal (all named), 1935 King George V Silver Jubilee medal, 1937 King George VI Queen Elizabeth Coronation Medal, 1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation medal, Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal (named), Efficiency Medal with bar Canada (named), and Belgian Croix de Guerre. Foreign decorations are always worn after Canadian/British decorations and medals.

photo 3 -- is the trench mirror used by Sergeant (CSM) Baker during the war. Most likely it was affixed to the end of his bayonet and raised above the trench for viewing.

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