The Role of the Regimental Senate

The role of the Senate is to provide leadership, assistance, and direction in matters of business that affect members of the Regimental Family outside the Canadian Forces chain of command. 
While the Commanding Officer is the ranking officer in the Serving Regiment, the Senate and by extension the Chairperson of the Senate, is the overall head of the Regimental Family.


The Senate is responsible for:

  • consulting with the Commanding Officer on their selection and approval of Honorary appointments ie the Colonel-in-Chief, the Honorary Colonel and the Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel.
  • consulting with the Commanding Officer any change to dress policies relative to the wearing of our traditional highland uniforms and accoutrements.  By definition, this excludes the wearing of Canadian Forces uniforms, authority for which comes under the auspices of the Commander of the Land Staff.
  • approving the nominees for  The Queen Mother’s Dish .
  • approving the establishment of any organization which uses the Regimental name in its title.
  • ensuring that Regimental customs, traditions, and history are maintained.
  • maintaining the security of the Hutcheson Victoria Cross, and any other valuable chattels not in the care of the Museum, or the Officers’, or Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Messes.
  • the Senate may authorize the creation and administration of such committees as it deems necessary to maintain and promote the Regiment, its traditions, and to further its interests.
  • dealing with any other matters affecting the Regiment that may surface from time to time, including reviewing the activities of the Foundation , and the Unit Fund.

Senate Membership

The following shall be Senators automatically:

  • Former Commanding Officers of serving battalions.
  • Honorary appointments both serving and retired.
  • The serving Commanding Officer is ex-officio a member of the Senate.

Any other person may become a member of the Senate whose nomination is passed by a majority of Senators present at a duly constituted meeting of the Senate.

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