Toronto Scottish and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Image courtesy of the Hockey Hall of fame, Toronto.

Many thanks to Craig Campbell, archivist at the Hockey Hall of Fame for providing us with 16, 8 x 10 glossies of Maple Leaf Hockey players who served in the 2nd Battalion The Toronto Scottish Regiment during the war. There is still one player's photo to find but he assures us he will track it down. This is one of the projects we have been working on. Craig provided all of these photos free of charge.
The Leaf hockey club has been contacted to make them aware of the regiment's and team's connection and hopefully something will come of it one evening at ACC. Pictured are four of the 16.
photo 1 - # 2037, Corporal C. H. (Happy) Day
photo 2 - # 2039, Private G. A. (Gordie) Drillon
photo 3 - # 2059, Private R. G. (Red) Heron
photo 4 - # 2061, Private G. R. (Red) Horner

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