The Battalion is the sponsor of an army cadet corps - #75 Toronto Scottish Regiment Cadet Corps. The Serving Battalion provides the name, headgear, some Regimental uniforms, and a cadet orderly room.

The Cadet Corps comes under direct command of Central Ontario Area Cadet Detachment at 4900 Yonge Street, Toronto which in turn reports to Central Region Cadet Headquarters located at Land Force Central Area Headquarters. The cadet organization is responsible for training, administration, and with the exception of the uniforms received from the Serving Battalion, providing uniforms for the cadets.

The Officer Commanding the Cadet Corps (generally in the rank of Captain), and other Cadet Instructors are recruited locally, and join the Cadet Instructors' Cadre in which capacity they are members of Land Force Command, and come under the Directorate of Reserves and Cadets. Cadet Officers who take the prerequisite course, are issued with a Canadian Forces uniform and are paid for their service.

The Cadet Corps has an indirect reporting relationship through the Army Cadet league of Canada (Ontario) which works closely with the Regimental Cadet Headquarters.

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