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FAQ about The Toronto Scottish Regiment Pipes and Drums
Does the Band supply uniforms and instruments?
The Band supplies a uniform when a player is deemed "performance-ready" and music has been learned. Drummers are expected to supply their own sticks and practice pads. Regimental drums are provided. Pipers are expected to supply their own practice chanter. Most pipers already have their own pipes. Bag covers, cords, matched chanters and chanter reeds are provided. Should a piper not have a set of pipes, some sets are available for loan. All music is provided.
Do I have to join the military to join The Toronto Scottish Regiment Pipes and Drums?
Membership in the Band is open to civilian volunteers as well as serving members of the Canadian Forces. Civilian volunteers are expected to observe the same rules regarding dress and deportment as members of the Canadian Forces.  
What is the significance of the tartan?

The Regimental tartan is Hodden Grey, which has been worn since the Toronto Scottish Regiment became allied with the London Scottish Regiment in 1921. Hodden Grey, the homespun cloth known throughout Scotland, was chosen by Lt. Col. Lord Elcho of the London Scottish Regiment in 1859. He sought to avoid all interclan feeling on the subject of tartan, and as soldiers, wanted his troops to blend in with the landscape of the battlefield.

It is also referred to as the Royal Tartan because only two organizations in the world are allowed to wear it, and only with explicit permission by the Queen. The two organizations are The Toronto Scottish Regiment (Toronto, Canada), and The London Scottish Regiment - A Company, The London Regiment (London, England).

How do I hire The Toronto Scottish Regiment Pipes and Drums?
The Band can be hired by contacting the Pipe Major, Drum Major or the Commanding Officer. A Provision of Services Contract (POS) must be completed and signed by the contracting party prior to the Band's performance in accordance with Canadian Forces procurement policies.
How do I join The Toronto Scottish Regiment Pipes and Drums?
Persons interested in joining the Band are welcome to attend any practice night. (more information).
You may also complete the form located under the tab "Contact Us" on this web site for more information.