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The Toronto Scottish Regiment Pipes and Drums Tune List - December 10, 2007

 Tab 1 - Marches

Tab 7- 6/8
All The Blue Bonnets 6/8 icon Bonnie Dundee
Johnnie Cope 2/4 Steamboat
Hundred Pipers 6/8 Bugle Horn
Minstrel Boy (r1) 4/4 Athol Highlanders (r1)
The Toronto Scottish Regiment (r1) 2/4 Glendaruel Highlanders (r1)
Caber Feidh 4/4 Ishabel MacDonald
The Garb of Old Gaul (r3) 4/4  
Colonel H.P. Stewart's Farewell 6/8 LCol Robertson
79th Farewell to Gilbraltar 2/4  
Highland Laddie (r2) 2/4 Leaving Port Askaig
Queen Elizabeth's March 6/8  
  Tab 8 - 9/8
Tab 2 - Medleys/MSR The Battle of the Somme
  The Heights of Dargai
Medley #1 Vimy
Sandy's New Chanter 38th BN CEF's Farewell to Vimy Rdg
Aspen Bank  
Molly Connell Tab 9 - Dance Tunes
Captain Laughlin MacPhail Grand March
Home to the Kyles Scotland the Brave Set
Barbara's Jig  
Doug's Jig Gay Gordons
  The Gay Gordons
Medley #2 The Cameron Quick Step
Drum Intro  
Meeting of the Waters Dashing White Sergeant
The Saffron Kilt Barren Rocks
Jolly Beggerman The Earl of Mansfield
Flower of Scotland (r2)  
Jimmy Blue Strip the Willow
  Bonnie Dundee Set
Medley #3  
The Minstral Boy Tab 10 - Miscellaneous Extra
Long Way to Tipperary A Man's a Man, Neil Gows Farewell
White Cliffs of Dover Will Ye No Come Back Again
Keep the Home Fires Burning Carnival Reel
Pack up your Troubles Calypso Piper
Over Here Over There Christmas Set (r1)
We're No Awa Tae Bide Awa Glasgow Week in Hamburg 12/8
  Cock of the North (r1) 6/8
MSR The Maple Leaf Forever (r2) 4/4
The Toronto Scottish Regiment (r1) The Campbells are Coming (r2) 6/8
Maggie Cameron Junors Blue Toorie (r1) 4/4
Captain Laughlin MacPhail Highland Cathedral 4/4
  Hector the Hero 3/4
Tab 3 - Slow Marches Marines Corp Hymn 4/4
My Home (r1) 6/8 God Bless America 4-4
Road to the Isles 2/4 -------------------------------------------------------
Loch Rannoch 6/8 Regimental / CO Parade Tunes
Skye Boat Song (r1) 6/8 Johnnie Cope - Reveille
Amazing Grace (r1) 3/4 Caber Feidh - Troops On , A Company
Auld Lang Syne (r1) 4/4 Col HP Stewart - Troops On, Missisauga Com.
The Dark Island 3/4 Hundred Pipers - Falling in the Officers 
Flowers of the Forest 6/8 Blue Bonnets - March on the Colours
Siubhal Mairead 4/4 Loch Leven Castle - General Salute
  The Blue Bonnets - March Past
Tab 4 - 2/4 Loch Rannoch - Inspection
Prince Charles Welcome (r1) Skye Boat Song - Inspection
King George V's Army (r1) Saffron Kilt - Inspection
  Glendaruel Highlanders - Advance and Rev.
Black Bear (r1) Loch Leven Castle - General Salute
  Blue Bonnets - March off the Colours
Coulters Candy (r2) No Tune - Fall out the Officers
  Scotland the Brave/Black Bear - Troops Off
Swingin Safari (r1)  
  32 Canadian Brigade Group
Royal Scots Polka 2/4 Minstrel Boy (r1) 4/4 - March Past
Tab 5 - 3/4 Mess Dinner Tunes
Green Hills of Tyrol 30, 15, 5 Minute Call - Pipers Choice
When the Battle's O'er Blue Bonnets - Head Table In
  A Man's a Man - Haggis
Shoals of Herring (r2) 4B-Flowers of the Forest - Fallen Com.
Balmoral (r1) Dinner Music - Pipers Choice
  4B-Queen Elizabeth - Col. In Chief
Lochanside 4B-The Blue Bonnets - The Regiment
Magersfontein 4B-Mallorca - The Queen
  Quaich - Pipers Choice
God Save the Queen Blue Bonnets - Head Table Out
Tab 6 - 4/4  
Scotland the Brave  
Murdo's Wedding  
The Rowan Tree  
Irish Guards Welcome to Toronto  
The Battle of Waterloo (r1)  
Flett from Flotta  
Jimmy Findlater  
The Children  
Prince Edward Island  
The Hills of Alva (r1)  
Bonnie Lass of Fyvie  
Cockney Jocks